​Christine Locker - 7/4/2015
We take all of our alteration needs to Catia's Alterations!As prom neared, time got away from me, and we ended up taking my daughter's dress for alterations the week before prom... Even though there was a sign on the door stating that they weren't taking any more alteration orders, they were kind enough to take my daughter's dress! Yes, the dress was ready by the promised date, and it was beautifully done! Catia's Alterations always has our clothes completed by the promised dates; they are very professional, and extremely friendly!!! We are very fortunate to have Catia's Alterations in Washington!

Cora Ann - 7/2/2015
Catia did a fabulous job on my wedding dress. The amount of hand work she did was amazing and you couldn't tell at all that it had been altered. She is so kind and encouraging and helpful. She went out of her way to help me save money too, I was prepared to pay more but she showed me how the look I wanted could be accomplished for less. I definitely plan on using her in the future for my altering needs.

Here are some older reviews...

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When you step inside Catia's Alterations, you will be treated personably and given one-on-one attention. Catia's clients are very important to her, and, in fact, she greets many of them with a hug and a smile. Read what clients have said after their experience at Catia's Alterations.


​​Amy Donaldson - 7/2/2015
Catia did a phenomenal job on my wedding gown and my bridesmaid dress. She is very professional and a very sweet woman. The prices are very reasonable as well. I highly recommend Catia Alterations.

​​Sami Schad - 7/1/2015
I heard out about Catia from a work friend who had her wedding dress altered here. She did an amazing job on my dress and met with me weekly to take the time to make sure my dress would be perfect on me! Def suggest that brides go here instead of David's Bridal for their alterations because she really took the time and cared about making me look perfect.

Linda D - 6/27/2015
Catia hemmed my daughter' dress for a wedding. She did a great job! She was very easy to work with and her prices are very reasonable. I will be back.

Jami D. - 6/20/2015
Catia was absolutely amazing.  She knew exactly what to do to make my wedding dress fit perfectly.  She had me in for my appointment in a matter of days and my dress was done 1 week later and for a fraction of the price of a bridal store.

Linda Mettler - 6/6/2015
I was more than happy with how my wedding dress alterations turned out!! I was having a really hard time finding someone who was willing to do a lot of work on my dress, without charging me the price of another dress. Catia surpassed my expectations! She made time for me to stop in numerous times so that everything was perfect on each separate part of the dress before moving onto the next part. She was able to take the sides in, create a sweetheart cut on top and shorter 9 layers of my dress! She even shortened them more on the day that I was supposed to pick the dress up because we thought it still might be a bit too long! She pours her heart and soul into altering wedding dresses and I felt so comfortable leaving my dress in her hands. I would recommend her to anyone and would use her again for anything that needed altered. :)

Amy Olsen - 5/12/2015
She was super busy with weddings and prom season but still managed to squeeze us in. Our daughter's dress was perfect. She's definitely won us over as customers.

Corrin Elizabeth - 5/8/2015
I was looking for a reasonable alterations place to take my wedding gown. I had heard how pricey David's bridal is for wedding alterations, so I took my dress to Catia's alterations! I came in wanting specific things about the dress altered (Can't say them exactly yet since I don't want my fiancé to know any details about the dress). Catia completed everything exactly how I pictured it in my head! I was so excited when I tried it on and it fit perfect. She also did the bustle for my gown which looks wonderful. She was so very sweet, timely, organized, helpful, and made sure she did everything she could to make my dress perfect for the big day!! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their wedding gown or any other gown altered!!! 

Kelli MrsMartin Fiedler - 5/7/2015
In 2008 I brought my wedding dress to Catia's. It had a pick up style skirt with jewels at each pick up and I didn't want to lose the sparkle when it was bustled up. We brainstormed And decided to use hook and eyes to individually bustle each pick up so the jewels could still be seen. Some where between 20-30 of these things! Every one else said it couldn't be done but not Catia!

Jami Berry - 5/5/2015
Catia did a fantastic job on my wedding dress, giving advice on what would work best for alterations. She was very kind, working me into her schedule at the last minute when she was very busy with prom and wedding season. Very professional, and great to work with! Could not be happier with her service.

Rachel Wright - 5/4/2015
Catia is a miracle worker, I would give her the highest recommendation to everyone looking for dress alterations. My wedding dress did not come custom ordered and she was able to alter it perfectly, even hand sewing it. She is a perfectionist and the sweetest to work with. Can't say enough about her talent:)

Jami Berry - 4/29/2015
Great location and prices, but most of all amazing service. Catia gave me advice on what we should do for the alterations on my wedding dress and fit me in at the last minute during a very busy time for her. The dress fits perfectly. Thank you Catia!

Nicole Procarione Livengood - 4/28/2015
I cannot say enough GREAT things about this place!!! Catia saved my wedding dress!!!! If you need a place you can trust to get alterations done for your wedding dress GO TO CATIA'S!!! I drove several times, 1 1/2 hour round trip to get my gown fixed by her and it was well worth it, nobody else could have fixed my gown but her! My dress was ordered 2 sizes too big, the bodice was so huge that it drowned out my figure and made it non existent. I looked like a had a child's body. I felt so unfeminem and certainly not beautiful even though it was my dream dress. I couldn't see how this dress could ever be beautiful on me but Catia assured me she had every confidence that she would make me love my dress again. She quoted me a price (very reasonable) in the beginning and no matter how many times she had to tweek and change, and take it back to the machine to get it just perfect, the price never changed from the original quote. She is extremely detailed oriented and a perfectionist, she listens to your concerns and is very caring. My bodice had alot of detail and she ended up having to take 6 inches off the waist and with that drastic of a downsize you can lose the integrity of the gown but her work was so professional, nobody will ever know the difference. My dress is completed now and it looks like t was made for me! I have a waist again! I feel feminine and beautiful and I can't wait to wear my gown for my June wedding!!! THANK YOU CATIA!!!! You are such a dear and your staff was always so gracious and kind as well!

Sue Downey - 4/19/2015
Fantastic!!! She has done an amazing job on my daughter's dress and works extra hard to assure everything is perfect.

Emily Bell - 3/23/2015
She is simply amazing! I take all my alterations to her; even zipper repair, buttons, etc. She makes the entire experience comfortable, enjoyable and fast! I will never go to anyone else!!!

Jessica Branson - 2/12/2015
If you haven't read all the other AMAZING reviews about this wonderful lady, she is THE BEST! Catia was great to work with, easy to schedule fittings and appointment and the most HONEST seamstress. 1st appointment I told her I wanted to add an additional layer of crinoline to make my dress just a touch poof-ier. She was honest with me and said that if she were to do it, it would cost around $250 (she would have had to have hemmed my lace wedding dress too) instead she told me to go online to Amazon and buy a slip for $20...and it worked perfectly! She saved me $250 on my alterations. She loves doing wedding dresses and very experienced.

Jenna Oedewaldt - 2/8/2015
Catia was very efficient, very easy to work with, very accommodating with scheduling and did a fantastic job altering my wedding gown! We would highly recommend her to anyone!

Samantha McClintick - 1/21/2015
Catia took my request and made it even better. The same coat had been altered by someone else previously, that didn't turn out so well. Catia redid that part and the coat is now wonderful to wear again.

Andrea Kurth - 1/10/2015
BRIDES, look no further. Catia did an Excellent job with the alterations on my wedding gown. I had several modifications and my gown turned out exactly how I wanted. Catia is very professional and cares about her work. I have not yet used her for other alterations but saw several others in the shop for various items, and everyone seemed happy. Highly recommend her!​

Kayleigh Mason - 12/8/2014

Catia is AMAZING! David's bridal wanted to charge me more than what I paid for my

wedding dress. Catia quoted me, and that price never changed even though I needed more things done. she is phenomenal at what she does! and she's quick! I will recommend her over DB for EVERYTHING.. every day! very happy!

Sarah Banwart - 11/15/2014

I had to buy off the rack for my wedding dress and had to get a size ten. Catia transformed it from a ten to a perfect fitting four for more than half the price of David's Bridal! She even sewed my husband's name tape from his ABU's into the inside of my dress! She made the dress fit perfect! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dress! Thank you, Catia... I'll be coming to her from now on!!

Jeri Kohn - 11/15/2014

When you invest (emotionally and financially) in a wedding dress, you only want to best to alter it. That's how I feel about Catia's. My Allure Romance wedding dress looks like it was made for me thanks to the great work that Catia did. She is extremely detailed focused and will only do the best work. On top of that, she is honest and willing to tell you what will look best. My dress had an all lace skirt that need to be hemmed by 6 inches. Catia patiently removed the bottom lace detail and precisely re-applied it. On top of this, she hemmed two more layers underneath and let out my dress. Catia is also very reasonably priced for all alterations. She comes in at a lower price than big name shops like David's Bridal.  All in all, I can't say enough good things about Catia's Alterations. If you don't live near Washington, she is worth the drive! I will be returning for all my alternation needs in the future but I am beyond happy that I trusted her with my wedding dress.

Stephanie Schiele - 11/11/2014

Catia done a great job on my wedding dress, I didn't need to much taken in but I had a lot of beading and lace on it she had to work with, but with all the detail she had to do she still had it finished in 1 week! she was very friendly and helpful I'm so happy I and her do my dress it was a perfect fit when she was finished! if I ever need any alterations on anything else I will definitely go see her!

Rebekah Spence - 11/10/2014

If you're a bride or bridesmaid go to Catia for your alterations! She truly saved my wedding gown and turned the nightmare the store I ordered from gave me into a dream gown! Catia took a dress that should not have been salvageable and made it perfect. She cares so much for her clients and is incredibly talented in her work. She is a perfectionist. She will not rest until your dress is just as it should be. The dress I picked up from the store which was supposedly brand new and what I ordered; was two sizes too small, had tears and holes in several places, and was scored along the interior sides every inch for the whole length of the gown. I have no idea how she found a way to let it out but I do know that she made it fit me perfectly and when I brought it in to her it was at least a full inch from being able to button properly. The dress has lots of hand sewn bead work and Catia made sure that it was still absolutely perfect after she had let out the dress. I cannot stress enough how wonderful she is!! My dress is stunning because of her and she will make your bridal gown perfect for you too! One last bit of praise, the bottom of the dress which of course needed to be hemmed is intricate lace on an overlay. When she took up the hem I did not lose one millimeter of lace. Rather than compromising the fit of the dress by moving it up at the waist or losing the detail by hemming it from the bottom, she moved up the lace on the overlay and did it seamlessly.

Samantha H - 10/14/2014

I brought my bridesmaid dress from bobbies bridal and after continually telling the sales woman what size dress I needed she ordered me the wrong size anyway. Needless to say my dress was too big. I heard of Catias through the bride of the wedding I was in. She did an amazing job on my dress! She totally changed the look and it turned out wonderfully! I will definitely be back!!

Kerri Butler - 10/07/2014

I got married this last weekend and my dress was PERFECT! With seven layers in the skirt, Catia

had a lot of work to do and she did an excellent job. I received a ton of compliments and felt comfortable dancing like crazy at the reception even though the dress was heavy and strapless because the bodice alterations were so fantastically fitted! Thank you Catia!! I hope to have pictures soon.

Jill Casey - 10/06/2014

Catia's is wonderful! On a Friday morning, I stopped in to see what time they opened. Although they don't open until 10:00 a nice young man opened the doors for me before 8:00 a.m. My daughter was in a wedding the next day and we needed her dress hemmed. She is 7 months pregnant, and the dress had just came in. Catia was able to mark it during my daughters lunch hour and she had it ready for pickup by 5:00. Awesome sewing as the dress had many many layers, and awesome service to boot! I highly recommend Catia's to all. From - a thankful Mom and Mommy to be!

Laura Bertelsen - 09/26/2014

All I can say is...WOW! Catia is awesome! My daughter was running out of time to find someone

to alter a dress for homecoming. We came to Catia's shop on a Tuesday evening with an incredibly difficult job of altering a dress with beading and pearls...and Catia got it done by Friday evening! Not only was the job difficult, but she didn't have much time to do it in. She made it happen! Price was very reasonable for the job that was done! I WILL be back with more items I need altered. Customer for life! Thank you Catia!!!

Joy Butler - 09/18/2014

We just got a wedding dress, brides maid dress and mother of the bride dress altered at Catia's. The work was perfect and the whole experience fantastic! I highly recommend Catia's.​

Angela Stanton  - 09/14/2014

Catia did a wonderful job on my wedding dress! I'm pretty short, and I was a little discouraged after trying on wedding dresses since they all seemed to fit someone 8 inches taller than me, and I always ended up looking like a child playing dress up. Catia made my dress look like it was made for me, and really helped make my wedding day perfect.

Bianca Burns  - 09/11/2014

Pricing was reasonable. The turnaround was super fast. My bridesmaid dress fits beautifully now!

Thank you so much Catia's. I will definitely recommend you guys and come back for future alterations!

Krystal Patterson  - 09/02/2014

I had my wedding dress altered by Catia. There was a lot of work that needed to be done and
​ I used Google to find someone who specialized in wedding gowns. After reading others' reviews for Catia, I knew I wanted her to be the one to make my gown perfect. She does amazing work and makes you, as the bride, feel confident and comfortable that your dress will fit like a glove. I recommend her for any bride with minor to major altering.

Arletta Shaw - 08/27/2014

Catia was a wonder for me she lost her home like a lot of us in Washington, but was still there to help me hem 5 new pair of pjs! I was too nervous and shakey to mess with it she took them and the turnaround and work was great! I would not hesitate to take other things to her for alterations!

Whitney Belvin - 08/26/2014

My wedding dress is completely made of lace, from bust line to the floor and the train. I was so nervous taking it in somewhere to get the bottom hemmed. I went to several different places and they just wanted to chop off the bottom! I would lose my gorgeous detailed edging at the bottom and lose my trumpet fit! Then I went to Catia and she took care of everything. She took in the bust of my dress and hemmed it while keeping my edging! It was worth every hour of driving from Michigan to Illinois! I can't say enough good things about her. Plus, my 7 month old daughter LOVED visiting the shop :)

My wedding dress is completely lace. It needed taken in around the bust and the hems taken up since I am so short. I was so scared about getting it hemmed because the edging is scalloped with beautiful lace detail. Catia is PHENOMENAL! I came down from Michigan and she had measured my hem and had my dress completely hemmed by that afternoon. The bottom of my dress still has the gorgeous edging and looks like it was never hemmed! I LOVE IT. I will willing travel across states for Catia again! Thank you again!

Jennifer Zentner - 08/17/2014

Catia is AMAZING!! I had a costume made for me (it was supposed to be a custom fit). It was horrible--I took it to Catia and not only did she fix my main concern--she went above and beyond by tailoring the costume so it looks FANTASTIC!!! Due to me receiving the costume late from the original person who made it for me I was on a time crunch for my event--Catia worked fast and did quality work. I will be returning to Catia for any future alterations. 

Emily Rivera - 08/11/2014

I took my wedding dress to Catia for a hem, bustle, and a sash.  Nothing major, but when you're a bride, you want perfection.  Fortunately for me, Catia is a perfectionist.  She toiled over the hem (when she didn't like how it looked the first time, she completely redid it).  She took a separate purple ribbon sash and made it look like it was part of the dress all along.  She added a bustle and when we noticed the colored ribbons showing through the dress, she redid the bustle with numbered white ribbons.  Through the entire process she was kind, professional and knowledgeable.  I will definitely go back to her for any alterations in the future. 

Randi Liescheidt - 08/10/2014

Living in Washington, I try to support the local businesses.  So, I knew that I wanted to try Catia's Alterations for my wedding dress.  I called ahead to make sure that she was comfortable altering wedding dresses, but I shouldn't have had any doubts.  My dress was a lace, empire-waist, trumpet gown.  After working with Catia, my dress looked like it was made just for me.  It fit well to begin with, but I wanted it to really "hug me" and she made the dress fit perfectly.  She even reinforced the clasps so that it could be tight but I could still breathe and dance without worrying about anything coming apart lol. It held up perfectly, and the french bustle she made looked beautiful during the reception.  She also came up with a genius idea to slightly alter the neckline without having to add a "modesty-panel."  She listens to you and provides input and ideas, without being pushy.  I felt very comfortable working with her. I will be visiting Catia for any of my alteration needs in the future, and recommending her service to others.  She told me that she loves working with brides and wouldn't stop working until I perfectly happy with my dress (which was easy, because she's very talented).  Her prices were also fantastic!

Chrissie Robey  - 08/08/2014

Catia did a fantastic job altering my 'maid of honor' dress! It fits perfectly now and I know I'm going to look fantastic on my sister's big day. I will most definitely be using Catia for alterations in the future. Highly recommended!

​Christina Norris  - 07/30/2014

Great overall experience and fabulous work!!

Kamy Shasteen - 07/29/2014

Having my wedding dress altered by Catia was a wonderful, worry-free experience! I am from 
​the Peoria area, but currently living in Iowa. Catia was able to accommodate my schedule so that I could come to fittings at more convenient times, even after her normal business hours. Totally worth the drive! It is obvious that Catia enjoys her work and from the first time I met her, I knew that she was going to make the dress perfect for my wedding day. Thanks Catia!!

Arlene Lynch - 07/17/2014

It is a little frightening to trust a wedding dress to anyone to alter since if there is an error, there
​ is no way to easily or quickly replace the dress. Such concerns vanished after speaking with Catia. What a beautiful job she did with the result of a perfect fit! I wish Catia much success in her new location at Sunnyland Plaza. With her experience, expertise and loving what she does, Catia won't need good luck...just opportunity to do as lovely a job on others' alterations as she did my daughter's wedding dress! Thank you so much, Catia!

Paula Johnson - 06/27/2014

I bought a blazer on-line and ended up being unhappy with the way it fit. I loved the style and the color, but it wasn't flattering on, so it sat in my closet. I happened to notice Catia's Alterations on a drive through town, and am I glad I did! I took the blazer in, explained what I didn't like, and it took Catia 5 minutes and a few pins to get it looking just right. A week later, I had my jacket back and I love it! It's exactly what I was hoping to get in the first place! Great work at a great price. Definitely recommend!

Lauren Bauter - 06/18/2014

I planned to get my wedding dress altered at the boutique I purchased it at, but was told after my first payment that it would be a total of $365 for all of the alterations. I took my dress to Catia after that who added a bustle to my dress for only $22! I wish I would have taken my dress to her for all the alterations. She was wonderful to work with and completed the dress quickly and expertly.

Erica Ward - 06/12/2014

Catia is great! She has a quick turnaround and was very patient with me during my bridal alterations. 
​She wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and gave me some great options. Her prices are great and the quality of her work is outstanding.

​Kristen Meyer - 06/10/2014

I just wanted to express how appreciative I am that Catia was able to work in a rush alteration for us. 
​My husband forgot to try his suit on the day before we were going out of town to our daughter's wedding. He had never had his suit pants altered, and had about 6 inches of extra material. Happy bride...happy wife! :)

Jim Senica - 06/06/2014

We have been customers of Catia's Alterations for several years and have always been extremely 
​satisfied with the fine quality work. I have had several items including suits, dress pants and shirts repaired and the quality of Catia's work has always been exceptional as well as very reasonably priced. I highly recommend her services!

Kasey - 06/06/2014

I just picked up my dress for my upcoming bridal shower and it is PERFECT! I bought the dress from the sale rack at a bridal store because of the major discount, but once I got it home, I realized that it really wasn't all that great. I pretty much wanted a completely different shape and had no idea if a seamstress could make that happen. I went to Catia for help, and she was not worried in the least and was extremely helpful during the entire process. I was unable to picture exactly what I wanted and she worked with me so that I could see what it would look like. She also provided her suggestions, which I GREATLY appreciated. I tend to be a little indecisive and Catia made it so much easier! Next up is my wedding gown that is way too big for me and I am definintely confident with going back to Catia and I cannot wait to see what she can turn it into!!!

Tiffany Cooper - 06/05/2014

Catia is the best! She's alters all my clothes, including my wedding dress. Not only is she amazing, she's very reasonably priced. I highly recommend!

K Roedell - 06/04/2014

Love, love, love Catia's! She is always so wonderful with getting me in & the work out! Has saved me

in a pinch a few times...have had her do everything from swimsuits to bridesmaids dress..fabulous work! Recommend her to everyone!

Brett Berns - 05/29/2014

Catia did a great job with the alterations for my suits & sport coats!

Janelle McMahon - 05/16/2014

Unbelievably good. The best place in Illinois, if not the country. Best experience I could ask for. Catia is a real diamond in the rough.

Dustin Ziegler - 04/02/2014

The only tailor you will ever need. Fantastic quality and service. Catia and her staff understand exactly

what you want and they are able to deliver the very first time. I have had business suits, jeans, and even polo shirts tailored and I am never disappointed with the results. Another plus is the store itself. Great environment with unique clothing and jewelry also available for purchase. Highly recommend!


Abby Ramlo - 03/27/2014

Catia is brilliantly talented and incredible to work with. I purchased a gown from BHLDN in Chicago (http://www.bhldn.com/product/ortensia-gown), and chose to have it altered locally so I wasn't making multiple road trips back and forth. Quite a few alterations needed to be made, including bringing the back beaded section up three inches because of the arch of my back. The gown is constructed from french silk, french silk tulle, and tiny pearl beads, which means it is very, very delicate. Catia did all of the work by hand on her days off, so as she wasn't touching other things (computer, phone, other clothing, etc.) and then my white gown. I am SO appreciative of her for this! After about 4 or 5 (I can't remember now!) fittings, I had my last appointment with Catia and the moment I put the wedding gown on it finally felt like MY dress. It fits me PERFECTLY. I am getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it! After the wedding (which is in one month) Catia will post before and after photos on her website. My experience with Catia was wonderful. She is a considerate and honest fashion designer. Other than those that have had experience with altering this gown in Chicago, Catia is the only person that I trusted to make semi-drastic alterations. During the process of working on my wedding gown, Catia also altered four other dresses that the ladies in my family will wear at the wedding or related events. Her prices are reasonable and fair for the work that she does, and I will absolutely return to her shop in the future.

Karen Dehne  - 01/20/2014

Catia saved my wedding. One of my bridesmaid dresses did not come in time. We had to purchase one​ off the rack from a bridal boutique. Catia was able alter a size 12 dress to fit a size 2 girl. The dress was perfect, the wedding was beautiful! Catia is my go to girl!

Melissa Durbin - 10/01/2013

Catia is a superwoman! She altered both my sister's wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress. She was extremely attentive and takes great pride in her work. I will be going back to her for ANY alterations I need to have done. I will definitely be going back to shorten my bridesmaid dress to wear again.

Erin Parod - 08/22/2013

Catia saved my dress! Two days before my sister in law got married, Catia fixed my dress which was a little too snug. Made the day so much better to be wearing a dress that was comfortable! THANKS!

Michelle Jeup - 06/15/2013

Catia is essentially the superwoman of sewing! I had purchased my wedding dress out of state at a sample sale. It was my dream dress at half the price, so I didn't think twice about how extensive the alterations would be. Well, when you have a couture, lace wedding gown that is 8 sizes too large for your body, there is some work to be done. I had nearly given up on finding someone who was capable of refitting my dress, but then I found Catia! Right from the start it was obvious she had plenty of experience with wedding gowns, and after reading other reviews from her clients I was certain she was the right choice.  Now, my wedding was two weeks ago (June of 2013), and I had my first fitting with Catia in February of 2013. I stretched my alterations out until two weeks before my wedding, even though Catia could have done it in a fraction of the time. She was so patient and understanding--something every frazzled bride needs! It would be an understatement to say that I am the most indecisive person that I know; Catia could tell I wasn't 100% sure how I wanted to go about some of the changes (we had to switch things up because there was no good way to take my dress apart--which I guess means it was very well made, just more of a challenge) so she would take the time to pin the dress in all the various ways it could be altered, and take pictures for me to look at between appointments. Honestly, that time to sit and reflect was exactly what I needed, and I'm not sure any other professional would have stayed open late for my appointment, and then have been supportive and happy with my decision to do nothing until my next appointment, let alone suggest pictures for the road and spend 30 minutes pinning and repinning my dress for each photo.  Did I mention Catia is the superwoman of sewing? Due to the material and detailed lace pattern of my dress, she had to stitch everything by hand! By hand!! And you can't even tell it was ever touched! Throughout every appointment she was happy to help, kind, and truly just wanted me to love my dress. Well, I LOVED it more than I ever thought I could. It turned out exactly how I had imagined it, and EVERYONE at our wedding had something to say about how amazing my dress looked--even the guys! I told everyone about Catia and how she had come to my rescue. I know that had I gone anywhere else, I would have been a very sad bride with a ruined dress...and that's no joke. I feel very lucky to have found Catia when I did. Her years of experience, refined skills, patience, and drive for excellence saved my butt! Catia enjoys her work; she loves what she does, and it shows! I can't even imagine the fabric scraps I would have been left with if I had tried going anywhere else. THANK YOU CATIA!!!! I'll be sending you pictures soon!

Carol Nelson - 06/06/2013

I cannot ell you how pleased I am! I simply can't buy clothes to fit my tall, thin son correctly. He needed a suit for interviews. The best we could do (tall, athletic cut) still swam on him, made him look like a little kid playing dress-up. But with your alterations, this suit looks like it was made for him. My son looks like a million dollars. Thank you.

Janel Collins - 05/27/2013

Catia saved my wedding dress. I found a dress pictured online at a chain dress store. When I tried on the dress in the store they only carried a size larger than my size. The consultant pinned the larger dress on me and I fell in love. I ordered the dress in my size and made an appointment to see alterations lady who worked at the store for the bustle. I tried on the dress was almost in tears. The dress did not look like the dress that the consultant had pinned on me and assured me that the one in my size would look like. I told the alterations lady my concern with the way the dress fitted me and where I would like the dress taken in so that it looked the way that the consultant pinned the dress. The alterations lady told me that altering the dress that way would "change the style of the dress which was not allowed." I was devastated because I could not return the dress and with out the changes the dress was not what I wanted. I asked my friends for any suggestions on tailors that they knew of. One friend mentioned Catia's Alterations. I gave Catia a call and she got me right in the next day. I explained what happened and she started pinning. She told me she would do her best to make the changes possible. She told me up front that if she could not make the changes that she would let me know and put the dress back together as if nothing happened. I felt so relieved! I really appreciated her honesty! 3 weeks later I came in for the fitting and the dress was perfect!!! It was exactly the way I pictured it and exactly how the consultant had pinned it. I love it!!! I couldn't believe she altered so fast and that it was so perfect! Oh and she is so reasonable too. Very good quality as well. You can tell that she is no amateur! I will be going to her for all of my alterations from now on! I highly recommend her!!!


Carol Nelson - 03/01/2013

Carol Nelson: For the record, Catia's Alterations in Washington? Fabulous. Absolutely amazing. Took a dress in there for a simple alteration. It turned out to be WAY more complicated than we thought. It is taking her much more time, and she is doing far more than we originally agreed on. And yet she isn't charging me any extra!! I am so impressed with this level of customer service. She does amazing work, and she is worth every penny. I will be asking her to do all my alterations from now on.

Lynette Salazar-Vior: I agree, Carol. She usually has things done in one week, and she is always accommodating! When we thought one of Briana's bridesmaids was going to need last minute alterations she told me to just call her and she would have it done overnight. Catia is delightful!

Carol Nelson: She gave me her cell phone number and told me she'd come in on her days off if we needed her to fix this problem. I left a dress with her tonight at 4:30 and we are going back tomorrow at 10:30 to pick it up! AND she is in the middle of a photo shoot, so I have no idea when she'll have time to get this done. I am just so impressed with her.

Beth Soseman Bennett: That's good to know. I have a couple of skirts that need some alterations. I'll give them a call.

Amie Yaniak - 02/22/2013

Catia just altered my dress for my upcoming Mrs. Illinois International Pageant. It looks wonderful. I definitely recommend coming here to have her alter an outfit or you can shop in her chique boutique. Where can you get both of these incredible services and have outstanding personal service.

Traci - 09/30/2012

I can't thank either of you enough for all of the hours of hard work, patience, and care while working on my dress. Before I met you, I had a dream that you had one look at my dress and said, "We are not magicians! This won't work!". In my eyes, you are both magicians, angels and most of all, true masters of your craft. Thank you for being more particular than me, more patient than anyone I know, and for making my dress into what I knew it could be. With your amazing help, I will proudly walk down the aisle to Ross. Love you both!


Tiffany - 07/25/2012

Catia, thank you so much for the time and attention to detail you took with my wedding dress! I got so many compliments on my dress thanks to you! I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you!!


nss611 - 05/23/2012

Perfect alterations, took an "okay" dress to exactly what I wanted for a very special event. Will be back for more!! (Great clothes in the boutique too!)


Tiffany - 05/22/2012

Catia did such beautiful job on my wedding dress! She actually alters all my clothes and I wouldn't dream of trusting anyone else with the most important dress I will ever wear! The time, care, and consideration she takes with all her customers is extraordinary. The turn around time is amazing and her prices are very reasonable. I would recommend her to everyone!


agadaagako - 05/22/2012

Friendly and consistent alterations

I've been using Catia's alteration service for a couple years now. I've had shirts tapered, pants adjusted, and a sport coat taken in. I'm always satisfied with the quality of alterations and Catia always has it ready on the date. She also does a nice job of supporting the local community with her occasional coupons for Washington and St. Pat's schools. Keep up the high quality service. 


ENGmom - 05/17/2012

They are fabulous here!! Do not go anywhere else!! Couldn't have asked for better service in a timely manner. My dress is beautiful and now fits PERFECTLY!! Reasonably priced really couldn't have found friendly, better service for what I had done. They hemmed my dress put in a bustle, and fixed some straps all very quickly and it's perfect!!


Randall Ewing - 05/15/2012

you guys are awesome! great service and very friendly!


tmeyer621 - 04/27/2012

Great place for alterations!

I've been taking my clothes to Catias for years. From hemming pants to repairing a zipper, she always does a great job, paying close attention to detail. Prices are reasonable as well. Recently took my wedding gown there and couldn't be more pleased.


Brooke1224 - 04/01/2012

I have a little story that will just explain why you should choose Catia’s Alterations… 

My sister got her prom dress hemmed at a bridal store in Peoria, IL where she bought the dress and it was horrible. The seamstress hemmed it about 12 inches up from the bottom of the dress instead of at the bottom, rolled it over and hand stitched it making it look like a big spare tire in the middle of the dress. She was horrified and crying saying that she hated this dress now. The lady at the store told us that was the only thing that she could do with this dress since there are ruffles all down the dress. So we immediately called Catia's once my sister got home and we talked about what to do about it. It was 4:55PM when we called and Catia was very concerned and told us to come right in she closes at 5 PM but will stay as long as needed. She told us she will pin the dress exactly where it should be so that way we could take it back to the bridal store and tell the seamstress right where we want it to be hemmed at. She gave us some great advice and wanted us to make the bridal store fix it right! So she took the time and took the seam out, pinned the dress where it should have been done in the first place and made my sister's day! She told me exactly what to say to the bridal store and she told us if they think they cannot do it and do it right, to get our money back from them because they obviously don’t want our business and bring the dress back to her and she will gladly fix it right! She stayed an hour over closing time and helped us out so much and did not even charge us anything! She is so thoughtful and really cares about doing alterations and making people look wonderful in whatever they might be bringing in. 

Now all of this being said we should have just went there in the first place. She has done 3 of my sister's homecoming/prom dresses and they have always looked wonderful but this time we thought we would just do it at the bridal store since that's where we got the dress. We are kicking ourselves now! Catia has always done an amazing job every time we have gone to her! She is so reliable, willing to stay and help as long as needed, and will get the alterations done for you no matter the situation. If you are looking for a place to go my family and I would highly recommend going to Catia's! She truly is amazing and will work with you to get the job done...even if she has to stay up all night doing it for you. She truly cares about doing alterations unlike some places who are just looking to get the job done quickly. 

So choose Catia's! I know that I will not be getting my wedding dress hemmed at this bridal store...because I was going to and this whole experience just showed me they don't care about their work! Next time we need anything altered we WILL be going to Catia! She totally saved the day!


Jeanette Kendall - 03/20/2012

Super nice people and fast service! Thanks Orlando and Catia! 


Julie - 03/08/2012

Catia was wonderful! She was able to make my wedding dress fit like a glove! She was very determined to make sure i loved the dress and was completely satisfied. She was super sweet and you can tell she loves what she does! AT the last minute she was also able to hem my little ring bearers pants and alter his shirt! She did a wonderful job and was very reasonable! If you aren't sure where to go.....Consider her to be your personal taylor! She was wonderful!


Maggie Clark - 03/08/2012

Wow, it is super!

Barbara Broadbear - 12/17/2011

I have been using Catia ever since she opened her first shop in Washington. She is an EXPERT at every type of alteration and repair. She not only has altered garments for me perfectly but even repaired the shoulder strap on a summer Bag purse of mine by crocheting the hole that had developed from wear. She is from Brazil and works miracles. You will never regret using her.


Katelyn - 11/16/2011

I had a bridesmaid's dress come in a week before the wedding and needed lots of work. She fit me in the day I called, was extremely nice, understanding, and listened to my wants/needs. She had the dress done in two days, had me come in for fitting just to check her work and the dress was awesome! She was very reasonable and I would recommend her to anyone.